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Benjamin De Burca




Trial by Fire 2009 - Lambda Prints - Benjamin deBurca

Trial by Fire 2009 - Benjamin deBurca

format: B/W lambda prints
dimensions: 110cmx75cm

Trial by Fire is a laser cut collage that depicts a gathering of people around an event, a woman is performing while holding a flame, another flare in the frame reveals a doorway. The image is doubled, revealing an illusory depth within the two dimensional image.



The Cornfield - 2006 - Benjamin deBurca

format: Paint and eraser on reproduction
dimensions: 40cmx50cm

The Cornfield is a reinvention and obliteration of John Constables 'The Cornfield', referencing painting as a construct to order and understand the world. In the painting the boy who was once drinking from a river, is now dead. His death a symbol of the failure to understand the world through this tradition.


  The Cornfield - 2006 Paint/eraser on reproduction - Benjamin deBurca





M.A.R. - 2009
format: Oil on found watercolour
dimensions: 40x30cm

M.A.R. was initially a found watercolour, that depicts a house, nestled in a countryside setting, The watercolour was then dismantled with oil paint. The letters M.A.R. are reintroduced to pay homage to the identifying signature on the 'original' watercolour painting.

M.A.R. - Oil on found watercolour - Benjamin deBurca 2009


Benjamin De Burca was born in Munich, Germany, 1975 and grew up in Ireland. He is currently based in Ireland and Germany. De Burca completed a degree in Fine art painting in the Glasgow School of Art and received a Masters in Fine Art from the University of Ulster, Belfast. He has exhibited widely in 2010 including, Galway Arts Centre, Kevin Kavanagh gallery, Hotshoe Gallery, London, Red House Arts Centre, USA, and at Apartment, Berlin.