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Maurice Doherty


Waiting - 2010 -Maurice Doherty

Video Installation - Five waitresses were employed to each stand and hold a tray of filled champagne glasses for as long as possible. Owing to the weight of the trays, over time, one by one, each waitress drops the champagne glasses crashing them to the floor with a loud bang.


Single screen video installation with amplified sound.Recorded in real-time as a single shot and presented life-size.

Duration: 33 min 12secs


Waiting - 2010 (Video Still) - Maurice Doherty



Pedestal 2009 - Maurice Doherty

Pedestal - is a sculpture, where a tower of firebricks was placed on a car jack on the floor of the gallery. The carjack was used to hydraulically wedge the bricks between the ceiling and the floor. The jack was positioned so that visitors to the exhibition if they desired, could crank it down to destroy the sculpture.

format: firebricks, carjack


Pedestal (Installation View) Schalter Gallery, Berlin - Maurice Doherty


Blinded By The Light - 2008 - Maurice Doherty

Blinded By The Light is a screen printed portrait of a child who was removed from his school by his parents after he suffered from allergic conjunctivitis, caused by exposure to strong light. His former teacher placed his head over the glass screen of a school photocopier during a science experiment that went wrong. The photocopy of the child's head was found on the classroom wall by his parents and later published in the British national press.

format: two colour screen print
Black and various colours on waterleaf paper -

dimensions including frame:
60cm x 50cm
image size:
30cm x 21cm

Blinded By The Light - Silk Screen - 2008 - Maurice Doherty    

Maurice Doherty was born in N.Ireland in 1972. Doherty graduated from the University of Ulster, Belfast, in 1997 and completed a Masters in Fine Art at the Glasgow School of Art, in 2001. He lives and works in Glasgow and Berlin. Doherty's work has recently been exhibited at MMX, Berlin,The Project Room, Glasgow, City Art Rooms, Auckland, Vulpes Vulpes, London, and The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh. Solo exhibitions of his work include Schalter Gallery, Berlin, GI Festival of Contemporary Art, Glasgow Science Centre, Catalyst Arts, Belfast, The Floating Series, Berlin, Tramway, Glasgow and the Collective Gallery, Edinburgh.