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Sarah Tripp


Emblems - 2010 - Sarah Tripp

format: paper, ink, paint, metallic foil
dimensions: 63cm x 60cm


  'Emblems - 2010 - Sarah Tripp



As If - Performance by Sarah Tripp

As if was performed at the 2HB Book Fair (CCA, Glasgow). This work uses hand gestures as both a mnemonic device and an illustrative component in the telling of an ongoing series of observations. The observations connect together to form a choreographed, narrative chain across the floor of the venue. Each observation presents the difficulty of verbal and non-verbal communication as an everyday predicament, an opportunity for creative misinterpretation and the means for language to evolve.






Interlude Two: People - 2010 Sarah Tripp
Performance by the artist
Duration: 7 minutes
Jeffrey Room, Mitchell Library, Glasgow.

‘Produced as part of a day long installation and performance event called Sim-po-zeum with Ruth Barker, Kathryn Elkin and Martine Myrup for the Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art, 2010’

"Sarah Tripp places her foot on the first of the row of black dots on the floor and, carefully but insistently, begins: “As is the custom, when greeting a stranger, he offers me his left hand and I wrap my fingers tightly around his wrist, thus encircling his pulse in the palm of my hand…” Her voice is clear and loud, the words accompanied by precise, fingertip gestures. She continues to describe the ritualistic greeting, ending “…Thus, it is the custom.” - Martin Vincent

‘Interlude Two: people’ - 2010
Performance by the artist Photo credit: Kendall Koppe

Sarah Tripp is a writer and artist based in Glasgow, Scotland. A graduate of Chelsea and Glasgow Schools of Art, Tripps recent presentations of her work include 25 Years of Transmission at Transmission Gallery, Glasgow and Move Mood at the Festival of Experimental Film and Video, Edinburgh Filmhouse. Tripp was awarded the Scottish Arts Council’s Visual Arts Residency at Cove Park in 2009. Other works by her include Why I disappeared (Cove Park) Let me show you some things (CCA) The labour you love (Notre Dame Centre) The Best Mistake (Generator Projects) The inside of an ambulance (Fruitmarket Gallery) Why work? (Camden Arts Centre) Testatika (Cornerhouse) Anti-prophet (CCA) and Education in Reverse.