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Victoria Skogsberg


An Instance Of Appearing - 2009
Victoria Skogsberg

In An Instance Of Appearing the video footage shows what looks like a faint reflection of a woman’s face on a switched off TV monitor. The woman looks right at the viewer and at random times cries out a primal scream that echoes throughout out the exhibition space. The scream last only seconds.

format:video and sound installation,
duration: 7 min (looped)


An Instance Of Appearing (Video Still) - Victoria Skogsberg




What Is Not Recorded Has Not Happened 2009 - Victora Skogsberg

fromat: Digital photograph
dimensions: 16”x12”




Are You There? (2003)
format: video
duration: 30 second, loop
Are You There? utilises Morse code, an early form of digital communication. In the video a shadowy figure holds a bright light, which relays the message. Only those who understand this marginalised form of language are able to read the code but quite simply it says Are You There?


Victoria Skogsberg was born in Sweden in 1977, she  lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland. Recent exhibitions include ‘Real Discoveries - Unexpected Realities’ - University of Glasgow, during Glasgow International 2010, ‘X-RAY at SUPERMARKET 2010 Art Fair’ - Stockholm, ‘Heavy Influences’, Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, Edinburgh.  Skogsberg worked as a committee member of Transmission Gallery, Glasgow in 2007-09.