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Enda O'Donoghue



Reno - Enda O'Donoghue 2011

format: Oil on canvas
dimensions: 180 x 240 cm
Image: Courtesy of the artist



Enda O’Donoghue is an Irish artist who has been living and working in Berlin since 2002. The images in Enda O’Donoghue’s paintings all come from the Internet. They are all other people’s images, digitally found images. Searching through popular online social networks and blogs on an ongoing basis, he compulsively collects and catalogues photographs that he finds. The photos which he works with are most often the throw-away shots which otherwise gather digital dust buried away on hard-drives, camera chips, mobile phones or uploaded and then lost or forgotten someplace on the Web. With each image he paints he is meticulous about tracing the ownership and requesting permission, partly as a way of dealing with the anonymous nature of the Internet and also a reaction to the issues surrounding online privacy and copyright.



Pray (2007) - Enda O'Donoghue

format: Oil on Canvas, 120 x 150 cm

Enda O’Donoghue’s artistic practice flows through varied media and thematic interests but this concern with the situatedness of the human condition is a consistent thread. ‘Pray’, for instance, emphasises the gestural chant and dance that lies between physical and metaphysical, a defining archetype of our search for meaning in an increasingly homogenised world.



Pray (2007) Oil on Canvas, 120 x 150 cm
Image: Courtesy of the artist



Super Girl

format: Oil on Canvas

Super Girl (2005) Oil on Canvas, 120 x 150 cm
Image: Courtesy of the artist


Having studied first computers, then art, Enda O'Donoghue has exhibited since 1997 in Europe, notably in Germany, Ireland and France; but also in China and in the United States. Irish born, he has lives and worked in Berlin since 2002.

In 2011 his work was featured in an exhibition at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art. His work was exhibited at the 2010 Expo in Shanghai and in 2009 he had a solo exhibition in New York at the Irish Arts Center. His work has also been shown in Copenhagen, Paris, London, Toronto and throughout Ireland, the UK and Germany. Selected solo exhibitions include"Is Feeling Lucky!"  – Galerie hunchentoot, 2010, “Fragments” – Irish Arts Center, New York, 2009, “after JoeBlogs” – Limerick Printmakers Gallery, Limerick, Ireland, 2008, after JoeBlogs” – Galerie hunchentoot, Berlin, 2007 and Kunstsalon Wilde Gans, Berlin 2005. Recent group shows are Now&After – Moscow Museum of Modern Art (curated by Marina Fomenko),Getting Territorial – 25Bilder/Sekunde, Mannheim, Germany (curated by Simone Kraft), Nucleus - Art Twinning – Belltable, Limerick, Ireland & Priory of Locmaria, Quimper, France, The Mobility Project  – Galerie Suvi Lehtinen, Berlin (curated by Elly Clarke), Pop Hits – Autocenter on location / “Based in Berlin” Monbijoupark, Berlin, wir sind hier bei uns.  – Siegfriedstraße 12, Berlin, The Beauty Of Minor Matter  – Skalitzer140_temporary, Berlin, Art Karlsruhe 2011  – Karlsruhe, Germany  (with Galerie Hunchentoot), Pop Hits – Projektraum Tanzschule, München (curated by Manfred Peckl), 2010, When a Stranger Calls a Friend of a Friend – Project 165, Toronto, Canada, An Éire of the senses – Shanghai Expo, Irish, Pavillion, Shanghai, China, genre – Kunstraum t27, Berlin, Die Rückkehr des Abakus - Fly, Görlitzerstr, Berlin, 2009.