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Fred Pedersen


Cherry Blossom - Fred Pedersendate 2009
format: Ink Jet print
dimensions: 50 x 70 cm

Photographed at dusk, the blossom tree was illuminated by natural light and the colour cast from a traffic signalling light at a road intersection.





We Are Not Ourselves

format: ink jet prints.
dimensions: 100 x 65 each.

We Are Not Ourselves
is a series of photographic portraits of attendees at anime & sci-fi conventions dressed up as their favourite character. The photographs were taken in Dallas, Texas and Columbus, Ohio, and were first exhibited at a bankrupt jewellers office in Glasgow’s Merchant City during Glasgow International Visual Arts Festival 2010.

We Are Not Ourselves -Fred Petersen – 2010
Exhibited: Glasgow’s Merchant City during Glasgow International Visual Arts Festival 2010.




Red Cars

format: colour photographs
dimensions: various

In the series Red Cars, Pedersen photographed situations he encountered of four or more red cars situated next to each other by chance.



Fred Pedersen was born in Holbæk, Denmark. In 1995 he studied at Fatamorgana, The Danish School of Photographic Art. He later received a BA (Hons) Fine Art Photography in 1999 and Master of Fine Art from Glasgow School of Art in 2005. Recent exhibitions include Bronze, Glasgow International, 2010, Fizz up and dissolve, Glasgow Project Room, 2010, Intermedia at CCA, Naked Intruder tries on Jacket, Aye Aye Book Store, Glasgow, 2007, The Synesthesiacs Sketchbook, Gallery g126 Galway, Ireland, July 2007, Six Artists From Glasgow, Galerie Christoffer Egelund, Copenhagen, 2007. In 2002 Pedersen was awarded an IASPIS residency, Stockholm, Sweden. From 1999-2001 Pedersen served on the Committee of Transmission Gallery Glasgow.