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Helen Knowles



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Annabel’s Birth. 63 x 63 cm, Screen print on Fabriano, 2011- Edition of 2

Shiloh’s Quick And Peaceful Waterbirth. 61cm x 61cm Screen print on Fabriano, 2011 - Edition of 2

Youtube screen grab German Birth Video. 61cm x 61cm Screen print of Fabriano, 2011- Edition of 2

Youtube screen grab ‘Chase Andrews Waterbirth. 61cm x 61cm Screen print of Fabriano, 2011- Edition of 2

Helen Knowles practice unpicks the threads of cultural attitudes to birth and looks to unravel the trouble that audiences have with certain kinds of images. Plundered from Youtube birth videos, she is currently working with screen-grab close-ups of women’s faces exhaling and reclining at the moment the baby crowns, as well as wider views of this moment revealing the women’s euphoria in their domestic spaces.  In Youtube Portraits, each print is created by exposing the screen with a digital projector, bestowing a pixelated quality to the image which directly references the digital origin of the source material.  The virtual Youtube footage is now transferred into a physical object though the medium of print. The new works featured in Youtube Portraits appropriate and re-present these women’s filmed experiences and connect to a wider international concern with social media as a tool to democratise what can often be tightly controlled and censored experiences


Temple II Helen Knowles - 2009

format: Screen print on Fabriano Paper
Image: Courtesy of the artist

Temple II was made following a visit to the Tantric temples of Madhya Pradesh in 2009 and meeting with traditional indian midwives in the region. It was the first in a series of large scale screen prints. It combines drawings of the sculptures found at the erotic temple of Khajuraho and abstract graphics taken from photographs of cities she visited. 

Temple II Helen Knowles - 2009
Screen print on Fabriano Paper
200 cm x 120 cm


Stolen Image, Helen Knowles -2010

format: Screen print on Fabriano cartridge dimensions: 150 x 120 cm
Image: Courtesy of the artist

Stolen image was developed during a residency in 2010 which Knowles undertook in a primary school over six months as part of a Creative Partnerships project. She created a walk in drawing laboratory with pupils there to develop mark making. Knowles's interest in appropriating imagery stems from this collaboration. 



Stolen Image- Helen Knowles
Screen print on Fabriano cartridge
150 x 120 cm


Helen Knowles studied at Glasgow School of Art. She was awarded the Great Art Prize in 2012.  Recent shows include the Neo Art Prize, Neo Art Gallery (2012), "Digital Romantics', Dean Clough Gallery (2012) ‘Walls are Talking Whitworth Art Gallery (2010) and ‘After London’ (2010) Sassoon Gallery, Peckham. Her work is in The Whitworth Art Gallery Collection, Tate Library and Archive Collection, Birth Rites Collection and Gallery Oldham Collection.

Helen has received national and international coverage of her work in the Guardian, The Scotsman, The Times, a-n Magazine, Vogue and Manchester Metro News as well as delivering many radio interviews including Resonance Fm show ‘Enemies of Good Art’. A recipient of grants and awards from organisations which include; Arts Council England, Awards for All, The Network for Social Change, Beacon, Millennium UnLtd, The Royal College of Midwives, The North West Arts Board. Most recently she has been a recipient of the Arts Council England, grants for an individual, for the Youtube Portraits project. The Amateurs Trust and The Eaton Fund for Artists and Gentlewomen have also supported this project.