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Ruby Pester



Man I Feel Like A Woman

location: Berlin, Germany
Documentation from performance - Courtesy of the artist

A collaboration with Dis Dis clothing design as part of Dottir Dottir Pop Up Shop - Berlin Fashion Week, Jul 2012. The performance consisted of a video and live performance where I wore Dis Dis clothing and used placards to explore aspects of a woman's day-to-day conscience.

Astral Dough

format: sculpture/ installation / performance
location: The National Review Of Live Art , Glasgow 2009 

In this performance Pester constructed and painted nineteen plinths. In the performance She navigated a series of "stepping stones" and impulsively manipulated the domestic and environmental items she found on them. Exploring an absurd yet familiar world of common objects, hardware and rubble of our daily existence the physical body veered between dialogues somewhat disillusioned yet compulsory. These charged movements glanced at a journey of enigma and the obstacles that we can impose upon ourselves. 


  Astral Dough (Installation View) The National Review Of Live Art, Glasgow
Images: Courtesy of the artist



Babbling Vertex 2008 – Ruby Pester

format: sculpture/installation/performance (documentation) 
location: Dundee Degree Show , Duncan Of Jordanstone College Of Art, Dundee, Scotland

Babbling Vertex consists of precariously constructed tower of old chairs, painted gold. The performance involved the artist with her body painted red, wearing a red conical shaped mask, climbing the tower of gold chairs to sit on top. Pester then wrote down words that came into my head on red pieces of paper which she then folded into paper airplanes and flew into the audience.

Babbling Vertex 2008 – Ruby Pester
Image: Courtesy of the artist



Ruby Pester graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art,Dundee, Scotland in 2008 and has since created interactive performance based projects that focus on challenging conventional perceptions. She uses a mixture of sculpture, installation, video, sound, costume, drawing and often responds to specific locations and communities exploring social exchange and the relationship between media, artist and society. She has worked and collaborated with Berlin based initiatives and individuals including Centrum Berlin, Retramp Gallery and Artconnect Berlin. She also continues to work with Glasgow based artist, Nadia Rossi (Pester and Rossi) and is part of the Glasgow based artist group Now Now who create and host socially engaged art events across Scotland. Ruby currently lives and works in Berlin.