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Flag, Anonymous 2010
format: Computer graphic
Images: Courtesy of Anonymous



In Flag by Anonymous the "suit without a head" represents leaderless organization and anonymity. Anonymous are Anonymous. They do not Forgive. They do not Forget. United as One, Divided by Zero. They are Legion. Expect Them.


Operation Avenge Assange - Anonymous, 2010

Image: Street protest photograph, courtesy of Anonymous

In December 2010, the document archive website Wikileaks (used by whistleblowers) came under intense pressure to stop publishing secret United States cables. In response, Anonymous announced its support for WikiLeaks,and Operation Payback changed its focus to support WikiLeaks and launched DDoS attacks against Amazon, Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, and the Swiss bank PostFinance, in retaliation for perceived anti-WikiLeaks behavior. This second front in the December offensive was performed under the codename Operation Avenge Assange. Due to the attacks, both MasterCard and Visa's websites were brought down on December 8. A threat researcher at PandaLabs said Anonymous also launched an attack which brought down the Swedish prosecutor's website when WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was arrested in London and refused bail in relation to extradition to Sweden.

    Don't Worry We're From The Internet
(and we’re here to help) - 2011
Photograph: Street protest
Image: Courtesy of Anonymous



Operation Egypt (Arab Spring) - 2011

During the 2011 Egyptian revolution, Egyptian government websites, along with the website of the ruling National Democratic Party, were hacked into and taken offline by Anonymous. The sites remained offline until President Hosni Mubarak stepped down. During this time in support of the Arab Spring, Anonymous also released the names and passwords of the email addresses of Middle Eastern governmental officials. Countries targeted included officials from Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, and Morocco.

Hang The Kings, Crown The People - (Operation Egypt /Arab Spring)
Image: Courtesy of Anonymous, 2011


Anonymous originated in 2003 on the imageboard 4chan, representing the concept of many online community users simultaneously existing as an digitized global brain. There first widely-noted raid was conducted against Scientology in 2008. “Project Chanology,” spawned global protests against Scientology followed by a number of web-based attacks that brought down Scientology websites. Since then Anonymous has moved on to a number causes, from supporting the file-sharing movement to the 2009 Iranian election and support of Private Bradley Manning, a 23-year-old Army intelligence analyst, who was arrested and incarcerated on suspicion of leaking classified United States documents about Iraq and Afghanistan wars. In 2010 with the rise of Wikileaks the full scope of Anonymous’ influence was recognized. In a response to a number of large organizations severing their financial ties with Wikileaks — PayPal, Amazon, MasterCard and Visa, among others — Anonymous launched attacks on their websites, ultimately bringing down the homepages of both MasterCard and Visa. During the revolutions in the Middle East, Anonymous declared its support of the Egyptian and Tunisian people, taking down websites and propaganda portals run by those governments. Anonymous has evolved through successive phases to become a vehement defender of human rights with aspirations of activism on a global scale and this evolution is continuing. Beginning on September 17th 2011, Anonymous will be joining forces with AdBusters in calling for a non-violent occupation of Wall Street.