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Captain Hate



Offering To The Giant Weasel God Kamaitachi

location: Haunt, Glasgow, Scotland
Documentation from performance - Courtesy of Captain Hate and Haunt, Glasgow

In Offering To The Giant Weasel God Kamaitachi, Captain Hate attempted to contact the sordid, debauched and cholesterol-ridden Genius Loci of the city of Glasgow, Scotland.


The Golden Babies

format: sculpture/installation
location: Haunt, Glasgow

The Golden Babies and the New Aesthetic was the first salvo in a war of attrition aimed squarely at the mythic consciousness of the City of Glasgow. The Golden Babies, at once ludicrous and terrifying, will continue to appear in the city on an irregular basis.


  The Golden Babies (Installation View) Haunt, Glasgow
Courtesy of Captain Hate and Haunt, Glasgow



The New Aesthetic 2011 – Captain Hate

format: inkjet print
location: Haunt Glasgow

‘The New Aesthetic is a futurological manifesto, a cry for help, a samizdat rant and a hyper-violent fever dream mashed into one gut-busting all day breakfast sandwich!’

The New Aesthetic 2011 – Captain Hate
Courtesy of Captain Hate and Haunt, Glasgow



Captain Hate made his first known appearance in the City of Glasgow around 2002 but in a sense he has always been there, watching reverently as its inhabitants slide inexorably towards a colossal shopping-addicted anomie of monstrous proportions. His is a well-kent figure on its dark and puke-stained thoroughfares, always willing to egg on its inhabitants to plumb evermore base and morally bankrupt depths! A push here, a whispered provocation there, at once subtle and crass, tender and pitiless and you will know him by the trail of the dead-eyed! Come on down to Glasgow – Scotland with Style to spare and innocent lives to squander! Hate’s work has been shown recently at Glasgow’s Transmission Gallery and it appears regularly in Uncle Chop Chop, a leather-bound journal of Ye Arts and Sciences. He also stages guerilla-style performances as and when the spirit descends. He has two children and lives and works in the city.