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Clemens Wilhelm



HEIM - Clemens Wilhelm – 2010

format: Video Performance - HDV, 16:9
German with English subtitles, filmed Northeim, Germany
duration: 15 min

(Video Still) Courtesy of the artist


Heim is the portrait of a typical small town in Germany. 12 Citizens of Northeim were cast through local newspaper ads to tell their favourite jokes on their home couches disguised with animal masks. Jokes have a strong connection to the subconscious. They mostly serve the social need to establish a connection between teller and listener. If you can laugh about the same joke, you probably have the same moral, cultural or intellectual background. In various ways jokes discuss most common themes of society, such as its values, hierarchies, dreams, or mechanisms of inclusion and exclusion.




READ ME - 2011 - Clemens Wilhelm

format: Video Performance, HDV, 9:16
Chongqing, China
sound: Chinese with English subtitles
duration: 26 min

Image: (Video Still) Courtesy of the artist

For this video Clemens Wilhelm asked four Chinese fortune tellers to read his left hand. We only see his hand resting on a table and the hands of the fortune tellers touching certain areas as they read his hand. Their four off-screen voices tell about his past, present and future – his health, success, wealth, longevity and love life. 

By translating the lines on his hand into words they draw a portrait of the artist. Clemens Wilhelm sets the outer conceptual frame which integrates the fortune tellers into the process of portraiture. By only showing his hand he leaves the rest of the portrait to the imagination of the viewers, which fill in the missing information.

  READ ME - 2011 - Clemens Wilhelm (Video Still)



100 - Clemens Wilhelm

Photo Performance
100 T-shirts, 70 digital photographs
Bielefelder Kunstverein: "More than a T-Shirt"

100 T-shirts with the label "ICH"(German: "I", "me") were given away for free to the visitors of the opening. In return each one had to have his/her picture taken. The "ICH" has the potential to function in two ways: On the one hand it describes the wearer of the T-shirt, on the other hand it refers to the artist, the maker of the T-shirt, the brand "ICH". The T-Shirt is a communication medium which is mostly used to express the wearer's individuality but can also speak about his/her belonging to a group. The series "100" revolves around questions of individuality and masses, uniformation and self expression.

100 - T-shirts, 70 digital photographs – Clemens Wilhelm - 2011
Courtesy of the artist



Clemens Wilhelm (*1980 West-Berlin) is a multi media artist living in Berlin. He works mainly in video and photography. His works are conceptual and revolve around ideas of society and identity. He often works in series. His work has been exhibited in many countries and institutions.

He studied at HBK Braunschweig, Germany in the classes of Prof. Candice Breitz and Prof. Michael Brynntrup (Film Class). In 2009, he was awarded „Meisterschüler” of Prof. Candice Breitz. He was granted the KSN Northeim scholarship 2009-2010. In 2011 was artist in residency at Organhaus Art Space, Chongqing (China), and SIM Reykjavik (Iceland).