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Peter Richards



Outline, Peter Richards 1992
format: Live performence
venue: Howard Gardens, Cardiff
Images: Courtesy of the artist



The performance 'Outline' by Peter Richards was the artist's earliest work where the creation of the live art work and its documentation becomes single entity.


An Experimental Homage to Wylie E Coyote - Peter Richards

format: pinhole photograph 1999
Image: Courtesy of the artist

An Experimental Homage to Wylie E Coyote is from Richards Cartoon series. Participants responded to adverts in the local press, phone booths, and toilet cubicle walls, and arranged to spend time in the studio exchanging accounts of the favourite memories of cartoon action for an opportunity to recreate the image they described. The piece was first exhibited as part of L´Art dans le monde 2000, Paris

An Experimental Homage to Wylie E Coyote - Peter format: pinhole photograph 1999


Corrective Perspective, Peter Richards 1996

format: Live performence
venue: Context Gallery, Derry
Image: Courtesy of the artist

For the performance work Corrective Perspective Richards constructed a large-scale pinhole camera in the Context Gallery, Derry. The performance audience went inside the camera and experienced a live ‘camera obscura’ style projection of an upside down performance. The projection was onto unexposed black and white photographic paper- the audience witnessed the construction of the performances documentation. 



Corrective Perspective, Peter Richards 1996


Peter Richards was born in Cardiff in 1970. He was educated at the University of Wales, Cardiff, (BA fine art) before completing his M.Phil. studies ‘Representations of Representations’ at the University of Ulster, Belfast in 1998. His first solo exhibition,  Corrective Perspective, was at the Context Gallery, Derry in 1996,as part of Beyond Borders Plus. Solo projects have included exhibitions at: Studio Lipoli & Lopez, Rome; Carnegie Museum & Art Gallery, Larne; ZDSLU Gallery, Ljubljana; Cornerhouse, Manchester; Ormeau Baths Gallery, Belfast; Millennium Court Art Centre, Portadown; Model Arts and Niland Gallery, Sligo; Golden Thread Gallery; Belfast Exposed; the Old Museum Arts Centre; and the Proposition Gallery, Belfast.

Group exhibitions have included: The Nature of Things – a Long Weekend, Artists from Northern Ireland, la Biennale di Venezia 51; Dogs Have No Religion, Czech Museum of Fine Art, Prague; Through our Eyes, the Painting Center, New York; The Belfast Way, Herzelyia Museum, Tel Aviv; Artistas Visuales de Belfast, La Sala Naranja, Valencia; L'art dans le monde, Paris Musees, Pont Alexandre III, Paris; Through A Glass Darkly, Het Consortium, Amsterdam; NI gulp, Plug In – ICA Gallery, Winnipeg; Barber, Richards & Torrens, Galeria Dzialan, Warsaw; New Contemporaries 99, South London Gallery & Liverpool Biennial; Photo 98, Hull Time Based Arts & Ferrens Gallery, Hull; 2e Recontre International d’art Performance, Quebec; The National Review of Live Art, The Arches, Glasgow; L’Evenement Oblique, Tangente, Montreal and Fix at Catalyst Arts, Belfast.