Gallerie Deadfly





Pierre Granoux



Es ist verboten Schwäbisch zu sprechen und auf den Boden zu spucken.
Pierre Granoux - 2001
45 x 25 cm - Emaillierte Metallplatten, serigraphierter Text




Es ist verboten ..- 2001 - Pierre Granoux

format: Enamel plate/Text
21 x 30 cm

Auflage / Edition of 8 Ex. + 2 e.a.

With the Anti-Gentrification movement increasing in scale in Berlin, it has been the urban poor who have suffered most from the gentrification of the old neighbourhoods in the city's east. Covered frequently in local news broadcasts, resistance to the changes have been anything but passive. Pierre Granoux was early to recognise Anti-Gentrification sentiments, first applying this thinking of de-attracting the city to the middle classes and investors to his Stuttgard gallerist, forbidding the gallerist from speaking in his Schwäbisch tongue.

Es ist verboten - 2001
Installation View 1 - Galerie Deadfly, Berlin
Exhibition: Revolution - 2011


Es ist verboten - 2001
Installation View 2 - Galerie Deadfly, Berlin
Exhibition: Revolution - 2011

Pierre Granoux was born in 1963 in Gap, France. Solo exhibitions of his work include, REDEFINE:READYMADE, Kunstverein Schwerin [with Andreas Slominski], 47th ART BIRTHDAY, Websynradio, Droits de Cité, Paris and Macrosillons, Nîmes 2010. RUE MARCEL DUCHAMPS, Staatliches Kunstmuseum, Schwerin DU, Callay Project, Neuilly-sur-Seine [with Rocco Hettwer] in 2009. LES CLEFS DUCHAMPS, 5 rue Parmentier, Neuilly-sur-Seine.

Recent group exhibitions include, WHY WE WALK, 91 mQ art project space, Berlin, ZUM DEUTSCHEN ECK, Zagreus Projekt, Berlin, READYWEB: HÉRISSON, Book release #1, Salon V erlag, Art Cologne, KIOSK: MODES OF MULTIPLICATION, Kunstbibliothek am Kulturforum, Berlin, CASTING, V isite Ma Tente Projektraum, Berlin and JUST LOVE ME, Musée d‘Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean MUDAM, Luxemburg.