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Rebecca Loyche



To Each Their Own Battle Alone - 2009 - Rebecca Loyche

format: Neon
Installation View - MMX, Berlin - 2011
dimensions:, Approx. 122 cm w X 52 cm H




Daffies (From the leg series) 2005- Rebecca Loyche

format: Photograph
dimensions: 24"x19"

Daffies is from a series of photographs by Rebecca Loyche where the artist used her body and how it reads when one select part, legs, were shown. Coming from a performance background Loyche was interested in finding spaces connected to her life and placing herself in them. Although personal in creation, the series was orchestrated to act like film stills where the photos were left  ambiguous to what really went on.

Daffies (From the leg series) 2005- Rebecca Loyche


The Color Of Absence - 2011 - Rebecca Loyche

format: light installation
location: MMX Berlin

 The room is in complete darkness until a small glow begins in a dark window in the room. A sunrise process begins and the space peaks at the height of the day-five minutes up and everything is bathed in a warm light. Then the day begins to reverse and it is a five minute descent into the light setting and then all is dark again.



The Color Of Absence - 2011 - Rebecca Loyche
Installation View - MMX, Berlin - 2011


Rebecca Loyche received an MFA from Hunter College and a BFA from Pratt Institute in NYC. Recently she was awarded a DAAD scholarship and is currently a Meisterschüler with Candice Breitz at Braunschweig University in Germany. Loyche's work has recently been exhibited at, Here and now…Amnesia, Savvy Contemporary. Berlin, Germany, Mermaid Art Centre - Berlin video art program supported by the Goethe Institute. Bray, Ireland, 11. Internationales Festival für aktuelle klangkunst. Trier, Germany, Greener on the other side, International Video Art Festival at Organhaus. Chongqing, China, China Box, Screening at Frequency Group, Chengdu, China, Encore- MMX Open Art Venue & Transmediale .11 Satellite exhibition. Berlin, GermanyHuman Architecture - Galerie Open, Berlin. Global/National- Exit Art, New York, NY, Geweld...ig - Kunstencentrum - Centrum Voor Jonge Kunst, Belgium, Show I-III: MMX-Open Art Venue, Berlin, Germany, tART at A.I.R.- tART and Summer Salon @ AIR Gallery, DUMBO. Brooklyn, NY.