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Sophie Hamacher



Der Nebel (The Fog) - 2009 - Sophie Hamacher

format: DV
duration: 11 minutes
Images: (stills) Courtesy of the artist




.Der Nebel (The Fog) DV Duration: 11 minutes - 2009 - Sophie Hamacher

In this intimate narrative, which takes as its premise the Little Ice Age at the end of the 18th Century, the film Der Nebel extends the genre of found-footage-film to question its own clarity. Examining the act of seeing as an act of transmission, the film merges footage from Youtube with an extended shot of a ferry ride through the fog. The fog, a metaphor for capitalism, remains ultimately opaque, revolving around obscure allusions to the world’s financial crash.

Der Nebel (The Fog)
Installation View 1 - Galerie Deadfly, Berlin
Exhibition: Revolution - 2011


Der Nebel (The Fog)
Installation View 2 - Galerie Deadfly, Berlin
Exhibition: Revolution - 2011


Sophie Hamacher, an artist and filmmaker from Berlin, works primarily with collage, reconfiguring media images by using documents and reclaiming them from their mere informative quality. She has written extensively on the relationship between art and document, and the unconscious or conscious witnessing of historical events through photography and film. She has directed, and written a collaborative film in Tehran, has co-curated the exhibition Überleben (2007) and is currently working on a documentary film about a teacher and social activist, and his decisions to either live within the law, or have a sound basis for civil disobedience. Her films have been shown in international video festivals and symposia in Cairo, London, Berlin and New York.